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sims 4 is coming out but still playing sims 2


Always! Haha

Loooove your blog! Don't stop posting!!


Thank you anon! Grateful for love our cc, means a lot! xoxo

How could have missed this tumblr!!, you have some wonderful stuff and your simmies are so cute.

Omg :3! You very kind! Thank you so much! <333

Farewell To Sims 2 (3) Tag

Awn! Thank you so much strawberrikhunnie for tag me. Love you! <3


1. When did you start playing the Sims 2?

- I started playing The Sims 2 in 2010 Before that only played The Sims 1! haha

2. What did you like most about the Sims 2?

- Everything! I can’t get tired of this game. Its wonderful!

3. What did you spend most of your time doing in the Sims 2?

- Lately creating CC because I learned that a little while ago.

4. One thing you won’t forget about the Sims 2?

- I will not forget the stories, families and characters in the game. Love it!

5. One thing that annoyed you the most in the Sims 2?

- Nothing! For me it is the best game! I will play until I die! (dramatic)

6. How has the Sims 2 impacted your life?

- Through the game I met people from all over the world and it is amazing. I wanted to meet everyone in person! I spending more time with the simmers than with my friends in real life.(NERD!)

7. Will you be playing the Sims 2/3 after the release of the Sims 4?

- Always!

Well, I’ll tag martinimyb, saanst, paranoia0612, jessitrumpetsims, melanahorwitz, luchiatores, fleur-sims, skyburned, fivegigs, simsdovile and therearecookieshere. I hope they haven’t been tagged yet. Xoxo

love your stuff :3

Thank you so much dear! Your words mean a lot, thank you! <333

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Q icon é esse muié? amei ❤

Kkkkk tinha q ser vc leh ❤️

Update for girls!

MTV - AF: 1 Crop top + 1 Jeans shorts

Meshes by Martini and HP included

Download here

Hope you like! <333

Hi there I was wondering if you had any links for male sims?


Hi! Some here: http://lechatnoirhouse.blogspot.com.br/search/label/Model

and here: http://ryuuseieatspancakes.tumblr.com/tagged/download

Hey babe, do you know someone who make celebrities sims? Besides the ones from TSR and MTS


Hi anon! I’m not sure but I think I had some in justsims2.ru