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Adidas x Farm - AF: 2 Tops + 2 Shorts + 2 Jacket Accessory
Meshes by Miss Tiikeri, Simal and Trapping included
Texture shoes by Miss Tiikeri - Pixicat
Download here or here



- September 14th 2004

Happy 10th Anniversary, The Sims 2
Thank-you for a decade of immeasurable fun

❤️ sims 2 4ever


Thank you so much rockingthesims2! <333

mrsimstwo I saw this shirt in the riverisland.com and liked it a lot, there’s amazing clothes!

PS:I loved your CC, it’s all in my game! :)

89 - AM

Meshes by Trapping included. Texture shoes by Misomosono

Download here

Your clothes inspired on Candice swanepoel are pure perfection


Awn! :3 Thank you so much anon! We’re very happy because you liked it! It means a lot! xoxo <333



I won the Recolor-It contest from August.

If you like my recolors, you can get them HERE

I hope you enjoy ♥

Thank you! ❤️

You’re welcome! I love your sims, especially Valentina she is so beautiful… hope you post more pictures of her ❤️

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brittbratt4567 Clothing is of the wonderful creator Ms5starchic23 and the hat is also wonderful creator Mila